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Drennan Family - 2019

Megan and I have been discussing swapping family pictures since Christmas, but you know, life just sometimes gets in the way! We finally figured out a day that would work for all of us, we met at Shannon Springs Park in Chickasha and got em' done!

Our boys, Raymon and Benjamin, are only four months apart and they love playing together. Raymon absolutely can not stand it when Benjamin gets up and runs away from him, but he loved eating the grass while he waited for him to come back! Our husbands, of course, enjoyed throwing the boys around and dangling them upside down.

In these pictures you can really see how different Ben and Ray are. Raymon has always been stiff and tense, Benjamin is so floppy and care-free. They are both just like their daddies.

I'm so glad we were finally able to all get together and get these done.

I included a few of the photos Megan shot of our family at the end!

The ones below are ones Megan {Prairie Rose Photography} shot of our little family.

Grammy and PawPaw even showed up and jumped in a couple shots!

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